Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make a tangible difference with each and every day they help repair the building or clean up and improve the property. No construction experience is necessary. Many first-time volunteers have never picked up a hammer! From a couple hours to full days, opportunities are available.

Youth and Students

Are you a student in need of community service hours for school,
scholarship program or other reason? There’s  lots of ways to get involved with The Garage
and we welcome youth and student volunteers.

Why should a student or young adult consider volunteering with The Garage?

  • Complete your school or honors society volunteer hours
  • Gain valuable work experience that can lead to written recommendations and references for work and post-secondary education.
  • Develop trade and teamwork skills.
  • All volunteers under the age of 18 will need a signed waiver from their parent or guardian.

Court-Ordered Community Service Volunteers

Do you have community service hours to do for work, by court-order, or for benefits?

We welcome our court-ordered volunteers!

You cannot volunteer at The Garage if your ticket is related to adult crimes involving minors. Court-ordered volunteers must be at least 16, and if under 18 you must have a parent sign a minor waiver form found here.

If you meet the above conditions, you can sign up for shifts by using the contact us link.