Holiday Decor Art Craft Class

December 2019

Colorado Prairie Arts & Music Council

Trivia Night

November 2019

Inspired Response.

November 2019

As an artist, I love patterns, repetitive connected themes and patterns. Like potato stamping, I used a bottle to create repeated themes and patterns, through 14 different cards, inspired by people, ideas and experiences at the Change Leadership Institute.  The black dot is used throughout each different card, being the only same unchanged symbol throughout all, representing the syllabus of the institute - We all were exposed to the same content which was received, interpreted, processed and ultimately will be used in each of our own unique ways.

Colorado Creative Industries

Change Leader Institute

November 2019

The Change Leader Institute and Certification three-day leadership development program that better equips cultural and civic leaders to manage environmental and organizational change by developing leadership skills create a support and mentoring network to reduce geographic isolation and become catalysts for change in their communities.

Pro 15 Northeast Fall Conference

October 2019

The Garage presented as a panelist member, along with our friends Some Girls and a Mural at the Fall Pro 15 Conference. Pro 15 represents 15 Counties, including Lincoln County, in the Northeast region.

Fall Decor Art Class

October 2019

Our first art class, was sold out! Lead by artist Staci Beauford. Pumpkin wall hangings made from barn wood and tin.

Hugo Feral Cat Project

August 2019

In partnership with Allison and Carole from Wild Blue Cats! We organized a community feral cat round up weekend. In 5 months we raised $10K, and in a total of four days, 32 volunteers worked to trap, spay, neuter and vaccinate  175 cats and 2 dogs in the community.

Welcome to Hugo

June 2019

Our first community arts project happened this summer. Our goal was to create something to inspire our community, to give everyone something to look up to and hold our heads with pride about. We are surrounded by a lot of blight and closed businesses, with some people feeling little hope for prosperity.

We partnered with and received support from the Lincoln County Tourism Board and  Hugo Improvement Partnership. With the support of Divis Ranch trucking and Ethan Hendricks Equipment, we worked with Some Girls and a Mural to produce this pronominal two sided mural project, revitalizing the face of the Hugo billboard. It was an incredible project with endless traffic honking their encouragement and support, and a continued stream of community members pulling into the driveway or picnicking to watch the progress.

We now love seeing people stopping to get out the car and take a selfie!