Our Mission: The Garage – Creative Incubator Space serves as a gathering place to develop creative work, and business. To energize local economy by providing a supportive platform for creative entrepreneurs to develop and promote their businesses, and inspire arts and culture to positively impact economic development (and tourism) in our community.

Our Vision: We strive to foster a culture of community that engages in a variety of ways, diversifying our experience and approach, creating an economically diverse and more resilient future.

Our entire stand alone facility is designed with the spirit of freedom, to be a space where one feels safe and free to develop their ideas and businesses, being able to have the space and time to work on what they believe in.

Although we still have a lot of infrastructure work to do, we are already using what space we can to move our mission forward!

What was once a two bay mechanic shop is now a creative incubator space, flexible and adaptable to transform into what you need. In addition to being a physical working space, the creative incubator space can flex into being set up to host meetings, classes and creative making.

This space includes a 65″ screes with SmartCast capabilities for presentations and group video conferencing.

The Garage’s location and accessibility gives your business the best opportunity to thrive – Ideally located on Highway 287/40, a great midway stop on the Ports to Plains Highway. The Garage has a large driveway entrance and exit with high visibility directly onto the Main Street of Hugo.

If you are interested in using this space, contact us and come join our community! Let us support you in achieving your dreams and come help support and grow our small town economy.

Pick a day or a week to test our your ideas on our local market. This is a great first step in making the leap to growing your own space. BOOK HERE!

Our Creative Incubator Space is currently home to:

The Notched Crown – Hair stylist Susie R provides hair cut and color services every other Saturday.

Eastern Plains Photography Club – Meets the first and third Thursday of the month.

Hugo Main Street

Greyline Design – Custom art, design and fabrication.